Cooking Chicken 3

I haven’t written a post about cooking meat for nearly two months, which means it’s about time for another one. My first two chicken recipe posts are here (marinating) and here (no marinating). I’ve collected some more tasty-sounding, reasonably healthy and natural chicken recipes, so here we go.

Salsa Chicken Taquitos – Hooray for corn tortillas and for baking, not frying! I would use full-fat cream cheese, because it’s what I do. Includes directions for crock pot chicken cooking, if you’re a crock pot person. I think guacamole would be an excellent addition to this recipe (as a dip).

Mahogany Chicken Burritos with Smoky Yam Puree and Cilantro Chimichurri – This recipe sounds SO good. I like that it includes unusual ingredients (unusual for burritos) like hoisin sauce (love of my duck-eating life) and yams.

Husband’s Favorite Chili Verde (author’s husband, not mine) – White bean chicken soup, basically. Includes chicken stock which I advocate making at home.

Red Curry Coconut Noodles – Can’t go wrong with coconut milk and (homemade) chicken stock. Calls for rice noodles, but you could probably use the noodles of your choice.

Chicken Tikka Masala – I would probably use coconut milk in place of heavy cream and coconut oil or unrefined peanut oil in place of the vegetable oil. Calls for making a sauce separately from baking the yogurt-covered chicken.

Indian Butter Chicken – Pleasantly short, simple ingredients list which includes (homemade) chicken stock, (whole fat) sour cream, and (whole milk) yogurt. Since it is butter chicken, I would probably use butter for the tablespoon of oil.

Chicken Satay with Peanut Sauce – I do love peanut sauce. For the oil, I would use unrefined peanut oil. Says not to use natural peanut butter, but doesn’t give a reason, so I’d try it natural peanut butter to see what happens. Calls for low-sodium soy sauce, which I don’t know much about. Is it just diluted with water? If it is, then I would just dilute regular soy sauce with water. Says to grill the chicken, but we don’t have a grill. I bet I could just saute the chicken.

Chicken Piccata – I would use butter instead of olive oil. Calls for chicken stock in the sauce. Use pasta of your choice. (I keep meaning to try buckwheat/soba noodles, but haven’t gotten around to it.)

In review, probably the best way (in terms of health and economy) to buy chicken is whole, free range, and organic. Here are two helpful links explaining how to cut up a whole chicken: one and two.

The end!

Up next: Difficult to say. Haven’t decided yet.

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